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Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association 2004 ANNUAL MEETINGS


    Science and Technology: Inclusion/Exclusion

    Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association



    Canadian Federation of Humanities and Social Sciences

    University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba

    June 3-6, 2004 / 3 au 6 juin 2004

    The proposed session aims to bring together papers that present

    the recent research on gender, science, technology. In particular

    papers are sought that examine the gendered basis of the new technologies

    of information/ communication. Also critical examinations of the

    new biomedical and reproductive technologies are sought. Papers

    that focus on strategies and policies af inclusion in science/technology/biomedicine

    are encouraged.

    The objective of the session would be to bring together research


    different disciplines such as sociology, anthropology, women’s studies,

    gender studies, cultural studies, science and technology studies


    provide an exchange of ideas on where are we at in the inter-relation


    gender and technoscience.

    Send abstracts to:

    Sima Aprahamian, Ph.D.

    e-mail: [email protected]

    Simone de Beauvoir Institute

    Concordia University

    1455 de Maisonneuve w.

    Montreal (Quebec)

    H3G 1M8

    CSAA Deadlines

    December 1, 2003: Presenters

    to send a letter of intent to the session

    organizer. A letter of intent is assumed to be less exact than an

    abstract, although that might be included.

    December 15, 2003: Session

    organizers to inform the presenters that their

    topic is of potential interest for their session. This is not a


    to include the paper.

    February 28, 2004: Either

    a lengthy draft or full paper to be in the

    hands of session organizers to guarantee space in the session. Within


    few days session organizers will inform the presenters if their


    have been accepted or rejected. Completed papers for which prior


    of intent have not been received may be accepted at the discretion

    of the

    session organizer.

    March 15, 2004: Participants

    to send Participant Abstracts form and

    printed abstract of their presentation to their section organizers.

    March 15, 2004: Program Coordinator

    to receive requests for Audio-Visual

    equipment. Please note that overhead projectors and screens are


    in all designated rooms, other equipment such as PowerPoint may

    not be

    easily and/or freely available. Therefore, it is necessary for

    participants to inform the Program Coordinator of their A-V needs


    in mind that high-end equipment is scarce and expensive.

    All participants must send their membership application and

    dues to CSAA


    The participants must be members of the Canadian Sociology and

    Anthropology Association as of March 15, 2004, unless they


    participating in a joint session with another association member

    of the

    CFHSS of which they are a member.


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