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FGC/FGM/FC Resource Bank


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    Resource Bank

    • The FGM

      Task Force, Egypt


      Directory of Researchers, Activists and Scholars

    • FGC/FGM/FC

      Abandonment Projects and Programmes of Sudan

      A directory of researchers and current projects

    • International

      – Feminist theory, medical issues, law and legislation,

      human rights, religious perspectives, and other references

      on FGC/FGM/FC.

    • Medical

      Perspectives of Female Genital Cutting

      – Research topics include FGM/C and cosmetic surgery,

      de-infibulation, male complications of FGM/C, medicalization,

      FGM/C and pregnancy complications, and psycho-socio-sexual


    • Health

      Effects of Type I/II Female Circumcision: A Bibliography

      By Dr. Enas Gaballa, Courtesy of EFCS

    • Recommended

      Readings, Videos and Websites on Female Genital Mutilation


      Courtesy of GTZ, Eschborn 2002

      This collection of annotated texts, videos and internet

      links provides an overview of the most important publications

      as well as selected videos and relevant websites on the

      theme of FGM. The English and French language versions are

      available in a single tome.

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