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Female Pass Supervised Drug Test

    Companies perform drug tests not only for their employees – but also as a job requirement for prospective employees. These tests can be terrifying, as failing them can negatively change your career. While the best way to pass urine drug tests is total abstinence from taking drugs, other methods can help you pass the drug tests even if you are a heavy drug user.

    So fret not and read along as this guide takes you through the important things to know about how to pass supervised drug tests as a female in 2023.

    What are the different kinds of supervised drug tests?

    In a supervised drug test, a person is assigned by the company to watch or monitor during the collection of your sample to be used for drug testing. It is to make sure there is no foul play. However, there are different kinds of supervised drug tests, and it is necessary to be aware of the differences between these types of supervised drug tests to know what to anticipate.


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    Directly Observed Supervised Drug test

    In this kind of supervised drug test, the qualified individual assigned to you will observe you urinating. The qualified personnel will be of the same sex as you; that is, if you are a female, the qualified personnel will be a female, same as if you are a male.

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    A thorough inspection will first be done before your sample is collected. During the inspection, the qualified personnel will inspect your waist and upper thighs to check for any substance you might have brought with you to help you pass the test illegally. It won’t be easy to use a u-pass synthetic urine near me during an observed type of supervised drug testing.

    After inspection, the qualified personnel will observe you while you collect the sample in a container. The container where the sample is collected will also be inspected after the collection phase, after which it is taken to the collection site. The best way to pass urine drug test, in this case, is not to take substances before the drug test.

    This kind of supervised drug testing breeds privacy, breaching crime to the employees, which explains why it is illegal in some states.

    Monitored Drug Test

    A monitored drug test differs from a directly observed drug test in various ways. Firstly, in monitored drug testing, the qualified personnel doesn’t need to be the same sex as you; that is, female personnel can monitor a male employee while taking the drug test and vice versa.

    There is usually no inspection before the collection of the sample. Your waist and thigh won’t be inspected for any irregularities as opposed to the directly observed drug test. Also, you’d be given a little privacy while you collect your sample into the container, although the individual monitoring you will be listening in for any oddities and foul play.

    The qualified personnel has the right to cancel the drug test on suspicion of foul play, in which case you might have to take the drug test again, this time under direct observation.

    Using a synthetic urine kit like a temperature of pee when taking a drug test might be useful in a monitored type of supervised drug testing.

    The best way to pass urine drug tests as a Female

    As a female, passing a supervised drug test can be even harder than for a male. However, there are two best ways to pass a urine drug test. They include detoxification with body cleansers and urine substitution or replacement.

    Urine Replacement

    This is the riskiest yet one of the most effective ways of passing a supervised drug test. You may be caught and in trouble as a result, so one needs to be extra careful. This method is best for an unobserved kind of supervised drug test. Here you can use synthetic urine, use someone else’s urine or use your previously saved urine that is free of drugs. The key to urine substitution is not to get caught, so you must practice effectively to know how you will go about it while taking the test.

    A synthetic urine sample is better than another person’s urine as it is clean and easy to use. They are difficult to distinguish from normal human urine, even with lab tests. Also, ensure you warm up the urine to increase the temperature of pee when taking a drug test

    It is important to keep urine warm in drug test of female or male employees as fresh normal human urine is always warm. The normal urine temperature of pee when taking a drug test is between ninety degrees Fahrenheit to one hundred degrees Fahrenheit.

    Different synthetic urine kit brands produce reliable synthetic urine. You can find them by checking up “fake pee bottle near me” on the Internet. We have researched which ones are the best. And beware the low-quality products: in 2023, labs detect them with ease!

    Best fake urine to pass drug test

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    The Whizzinator – For Both Sexes

    The Whizzinator kit for drug test usually contains synthetic urine, a syringe, a thermometer strip, heating pads to keep urine warm in drug tests of female and male individuals, and an elastic belt along with instructions on how to use it.

    Monkey Whizz

    The monkey whizz synthetic urine belt is a popular synthetic urine kit, especially for females, with many features and accessories. It is one of the complete sets of urine synthetic kits.

    If you are wondering, “where can I buy monkey whizz near me,” you can check local or online stores like Amazon for one.

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    How to cleanse your body before a drug test? (Detoxification).


    This is one of the best ways to pass urine drug tests. It involves using water and some specific substances to flush the drugs out of your system. It works especially for people with not much time before the drug test, and the best part is that you are not breaking any law in the process. It involves no foul play.

    Instead of looking for the best fake urine to pass a drug test, all you need to do is take copious amounts of water along with some specific substances. These substances include:

    Substances What it does
    Vitamin B Drinking a lot of water will render your urine suspiciously colorless, but this supplement will help restore the normal amber color of your urine.
    Creatine This helps to get your creatine levels back to normal
    Electrolyte Mixture Drinking water will also drop your urine’s specific gravity, but this electrolyte mixture, mostly containing sodium and magnesium, will help get it back up.
    Aspirin This can interfere with the sample and produce a false negative result.
    Activated Charcoal This interferes with the circulation of drugs like THC in the body and reduces how much of this drug is released in the urine.

    What are the Steps involved in Flushing?

    1. Take orally with water two tablet dose of aspirin five hours before the drug test;
    2. Also, use 40 grams of activated charcoal by mouth 4 hours before the test;
    3. Three hours before the drug test, use 10 grams of creatine supplements;
    4. Use the vitamin B (200mg) three hours before the test;
    5. Use 0.8 liters of the electrolyte mixture every 1 hour for 3 hours before the test.

    Natural Remedies

    This is also one of the proven best ways to pass urine drug tests. It is a more natural and safe alternative to flushing, but it does not produce fast results.

    Instead of searching for a quick fix plus urine nearby, this method involves

    • Having a healthy meal plan (no sugar, more vegetables, and fruit)
    • Drinking copious amounts of water
    • Doing plenty of exercises to get rid of the remains of the drugs harbored by body fats
    • Use home remedies such as cranberry pills, apple cider vinegar, and activated charcoal.

    In passing Supervised drug tests, are there differences between male and female experiences?

    Passing a drug test with a considerable amount of drugs in your system is harder for females than males. This is because it is harder to hide synthetic urine kits in females than in males, and also, females are prone to being anxious and fidgety.

    In what cases supervised drug tests may be used?

    They are usually required to ensure an individual is in the right mental state and that his decisions or actions are not under the influence of drugs. Supervised drug tests can be performed in different situations, including:

    • Work environments require all employees to take a drug test to ascertain their mental competence. It can all be used to screen prospective employees during a hiring process.
    • In rehabilitation centers to ensure an individual stays sober and isn’t back to his addiction.
    • A doctor can order it under the suspicion that an individual has a drug problem or that the individual is dangerous to himself and others.

    Is it legal to demand to pass such a test?

    It is legal, under the United States federal and State laws, for authorized entities such as an employer to demand that an individual take a supervised drug test. This is true even in states that have legalized the use of certain drugs like marijuana. However, you can refuse to take the supervised drug tests, although your company might impose a penalty for refusing the test.

    What alternatives to male tips can be used by women?

    Asides from flushing and natural cleansing methods to pass a supervised drug, males can also use synthetic devices such as monkey dong and male whizzinator to pass the tests. Alternatives for women are to detox by flushing and natural remedies, the use of synthetic urine kits such as female whizzinator and monkey whizz, the use of another person’s urine, or using your previously stored urine.


    If you work in a company that has a drug control policy, your best bet is to abstain from drugs. The above hacks are useful in getting negative drug testing results, but they are not guaranteed to help you pass the test.