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The Whizzinator Review: Does It Really Work? Introduction

    Some states in the US have already legalized the use of marijuana, but employers still try to use drug tests to limit the jobs stoners can take. By Google searching “Whizzinator in stores near me”, stoners are getting away with urine drug tests without getting caught.

    Urine drug tests can be pretty unnerving. There have been confirmed reports that non-smokers who had contact with smokers sometimes fail drug urine tests. If you stay around weed smokers or smoke occasionally, you could get worried if a company suddenly calls you to take a THC drug test. Whizzinator ensures you don’t have to worry about failing the urine test as it has a high success rate with many users.

    Overall Description

    Whizzinator is a factory-made urine or synthetic pee that you can use to pass a urine drug test. It is a product of Alternative Lifestyle Systems (ALS). The Whizzinator comes as a powder of dried pee. Whizzinator’s official website only mentioned two active ingredients, which are creatine and uric acid. However, research suggests that dried fake urine of such grade probably contains many more ingredients including:

    •       Sodium chloride
    •       Urea
    •       Potassium chloride
    •       Sodium phosphate
    •       Ionized water

    The Whizzinator kit

    The Whizzinator kit is often advertised in stores that sell synthetic urine near me as a sex toy to avoid legal repercussions for the company. However, the kit is often used to ace urinalysis without getting caught. The Whizzinator kit may not be found advertised as a complete package. However, when you have an idea of what makes up the complete kit, you can order the different components of the Whizzinator brand until the kit is complete. Hence, it is advisable to pre-order your kit a good time before the drug test is announced. Early access to the kit can help you try a few tricks before the urine test date.

    In some cases, some sellers put all the components of the Whizzinator kit together in a pack. Whizzinator kits come in variants. Whizz kit reviews 2023 reveal that a complete kit would contain seven items. These are:

    •       An instructions manual
    •       Dried urine
    •       One syringe
    •       Four heating pads
    •       A fake penis (the shaft)
    •       A waistband
    •       Two leg straps for mounting the shaft

    Dried Urine

    The dried urine is a powdered component that gives the fake urine when mixed with water. You should mix the powder with water as specified in the instructions manual. The mixing is done on the test date. However, you can run a check before the test date to see how well you can handle the device. If you are testing the Whizz kit before the test date, you should buy extra dried urine samples.

    The Syringe

    The function of the syringe is to collect the fake urine mixture and introduce it into the shaft (fake penis) without smears.

    Heating Pads

    Fresh real urine has a temperature close to the human body temperature. After mixing the dried urine, you will find it cooler than normal urine. The heating pad will help increase the temperature of the fake urine to about 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature is equivalent to the normal body temperature range of between 32 to 38 degree Celsius. The pads also keep urine warm drug test.

    The Shaft (fake penis)

    This is the real deal of the product. You use the fake penis to pass drug test without getting caught. You only have to get the shade that matches your skin. Strap it on, and you are all set to pass the test. The waistband and straps make it so easy to conceal.

    Can you imagine how odd it would look to have a fake black penis on a Latino user? The Whizzinator makers went the extra mile to prepare for cases where the lab specialist will be with you when peeing. The fake penis comes in five skin color variants. The color variations include brown, tan, black, white, and Latino. You only have to choose the one that matches your skin type.

    How does it work?

    The purpose of using a Whizzinator is to trick the lab specialist that you are peeing (you won’t have to use your pee). The fake urine sample that emerges from your penis appears so real that the lab specialist thinks it is real. Once you give the fake urine to the lab assistant undetected, the synthetic urine will do the rest of the job.

    A Whizzinator works like wearing a condom. Simply inject some synthetic urine into a bag and strap it on. Ensure the fake urine is positioned at the base of your penis. Take a heating pad from the kit and place it on the urine bag. The heating pad will make the fake urine warm enough to pass for the real version.

    After the heating pad is applied, put a little pressure on the bag, and it starts working. The synthetic urine begins to drop through a fake shaft as the urine is collected in a test cup. Once you determine enough urine in the cup, zip up your pants and give the sample to the lab specialist. This is all that is required of you.

    Instructions on how to use Whizzinator

    You can take your urine test with confidence if you follow the instructions.

    1.     Start preparing yourself two hours before the test to allow ample time for putting things in order.
    2.     Bring out all the device components and remove the heat pad from the pack.
    3.     Pick the powdered urine and mix it with water based on the instructions in the manual. You can mix the whole vial with 60 – 100ml (or 3 – 5 oz) of clean water. Remember to do the mixing just two hours before the test time. If you mix the urine a day before the test date, some microorganisms will alter the components of the dried urine and render it useless.
    4.     Take the bag and remove the lid. Use the syringe to take about 3-5 oz of mixed synthetic urine and carefully inject it into the bag. Avoid filling the bag as it makes you uncomfortable when wearing it. Replace the lid and attach the straps to the bag.
    5.     As directed by the manual, please take one of the heating pads and attach it to the back of the bag (shaft). The heating pad can help the urine attain a temperature of 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit in one hour. Attach the temperature stripe on the opposite side of the heating pad to confirm the temperature of the urine. With the setup in place, the urine will maintain optimal temperature for up to 8 hours.
    6.     Wear the straps on your waist and adjust the shaft to fit perfectly. Let the temperature stripe press against your body to regulate the urine temperature accordingly.
    7.     Confirm that the urine is heated up to a temperature range of 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. If not, replace the heating pad and make sure you get the entire setup correctly. Once the urine is heated to specification, you are good to go.
    8.     When you are next to produce a sample, walk to the bathroom confidently. Position the uncovered sample cup at the base of the shaft (fake penis). Squeeze the bottom of the shaft gently to open the valve so the urine can sip out carefully into the cup.
    9.     After you have enough urine in the cup, use one hand to close the valve gently.
    10.   Give the cup to the lab specialist and wait confidently for a favorable test result!

    The Whizzinator and Urine Drug Test

    The urine drug test procedure

    When a company wants to recruit new staff members or to check for safe drug compliance, they employ the services of laboratory specialists. The employer gives the laboratory the candidate’s contact details. The laboratory calls the candidates and gives them appointments on short notice to prevent any foul play. Upon getting to the laboratory, you may go through the following procedure.

    •       The specialist hands you a specimen cup and allows you to use the bathroom.
    •       You are required to collect about 3 to 5 ounces of urine in the cup. You would be told to let go of the first flow but collect the mid-stream urine.
    •       A same-sex supervisor may monitor the process when the candidate has been reported for drug offenses. Women often don’t get scrutinized like men.
    •       After collecting the samples, close the cup with the lid and leave the bathroom without flushing.
    •       You will be asked to place the sample in a receptacle where a label will be attached for identification.
    •       The sample will be taken to the lab for analysis. After completing the test, another label that indicates the presence or absence of drug metabolites would be indicated.

    Probation Drug Testing

    This is a standard drug test required by law across the country. Results from probation drug testing are significant in criminal cases, child custody, divorce, drug-related offenses, and many other legal cases.

    The requirements of the probation drug test depend on your case, the severity of the case, your history, and the officer in charge of monitoring the test. After sentencing or meeting bail conditions, impromptu tests may be required to prove you are sober and fully cooperating with the terms of your sentencing. Probation tests can take any form of three levels depending on the number of drug substances to check for, including weed.

    •       5-panel urinalysis: The urine sample is checked for the presence of THC marijuana, opiates, cocaine, phencyclidine (PCP), and amphetamines.
    •       10-panel urinalysis: Checks for the presence of the items on 5-panel urinalysis plus barbiturates, benzodiazepines, methaqualone, quaaludes, and propoxyphene.
    •       Hair follicle testing: This procedure does not use urine for analysis. The subject’s hair follicle is checked for long-term use of hard drugs and unprescribed medications. A dried urine kit cannot help with this method of drug test.

    However, Whizzinator reviews for probation affirm that this kit can help you pass many of the requirements of the probation drug test that concerns urinalysis.

    When you can’t use detox to pass a urine drug test?

    Notices for drug tests often come suddenly. You may have less than two days to present yourself for urinalysis. Even the most effective detox products will take a few weeks before they can completely rid your system of any drug residue. Many detox users fail urinalysis because they don’t allow enough time for the product to remove drug residues altogether.

    According to different online Whizzinator reviews for probation, opting for the dried urine kit gives better chances of passing urinalysis undetected when compared to detox remedies.

    Manufacturer, Support, and Certificates

    Alternative Lifestyle Systems (ALS) is the manufacturer of the Whizzinator. The brand advertises the Whizzinator shaft as a sex toy. However, it is well aware that people are using the product to pass urine drug tests undetected. The Whizzinator urine has been carefully formulated to behave like real urine. The company has had over 15 years of product development in the market and has become a big name in the industry. This is partly because it works for most users. The urine is free of preservatives and biocide. Hence, users can be sure the product is safe for use.

    The Alternative Lifestyle Systems headquarters is located in Long Beach, California, USA.

    Contact the support team on the phone by dialing +1-888-895-7016.

    Send your emails to [email protected] if you require more information or further assistance with the product.

    The customer support team is available Monday through Friday from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm MST.

    This fake urine is not FDA certified, and according to ALS terms, users bear the sole responsibility for the use of the product. ALS guarantees a 14-day return policy on the product. You get your money back if you return the product unused and in the original condition it was received.

    What additional products to buy with it?

    If you got the full Whizzinator kit, you could just use them without buying additional products. However, you may find that you need some extras in certain situations. Below are some recommendations.

    1. Alternative dried urine

    If you are purchasing the Whizzinator kit for the first time, you may want to try out a dried urine sample with the kit before the test date. The kit often comes with one vial of powdered urine. To allow for a practice sample, you need to get an extra vial of Golden Shower powdered urine. You can buy the Whizzinator brand or other quality brands like The Urinator Synthetic Urine.

    2. Extra heating pads

    Since the kit can be reused, you may require more heating pads to take care of multiple uses. Also, if you will be using the kit for the first time, having extra heating pads can help you practice using the kit correctly before the test date. Read the manual to understand how to keep pee warm for drug test.

    3. Cleansing solution

    ALS also has a dedicated cleansing solution for cleaning the kit. The solution is sold separately so that you can get it along with the kit. Remember that regular detergents can affect the working conditions of the kit. Use the approved cleansing solution to rinse the kit after use so it can stay germ-free.

    Pros and Cons

    S/N Pros Cons
    1 Greater popularity on social media due to better performance compared to other brands It is relatively pricier compared to competitors
    2 It can be used multiple times It requires stealth and wits to use without being detected
    3 The urine performs better than detox pills You could be prosecuted or caught using the Whizzinator
    4 Users can choose the shaft preferred from more than five different shaft skin tone A few users have reported cases of a tiny leak in the shaft of the male version
    5 It works easily without undue discomfort Many states have prohibited the use of Whizzinator
    6 The shafts look and feel like real penises making them hard to detect even under supervised urinalysis. You may give yourself away if you panic while using the kit
    7 Users who are not satisfied with the product can return it within 14 days of order, provided the product is returned exactly as received. The product is not certified by FDA.
    8 The instruction manual is easy to follow, so first-time users will not have problems with how to use the product. You must use the heating pad to increase the temperature of the urine to 90 or 100 degrees for best results.

    Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

    Does Whizzinator really work?

    Whizzinator has been around for about 16 years, and there are many positive reviews from users. For such Whizzinator products to stay this long in the market, improvements would have been made over time. The introduction of improved kits makes Whizzinator better at fulfilling the needs of the customers.

    You only need to get the kit that suits your skin type and follow the instructions for use later. If you do your part well, you will join others who have made positive reviews about using Whizzinator to pass drug test.

    Does the Whizzinator work for alcohol?

    Yes! The synthetic urine was made to seem like natural urine, free from external chemicals from drugs or other sources. The product works for many drug tests that require urine samples. However, it may not be suitable for other drug tests that do not require urine.

    Does the Whizzinator work for opiates?

    Yes! It works as it does in alcohol.

    Can the Whizzinator be detected?

    After you have successfully collected the fake urine and given it to the lab specialist, you can rest assured that no foreign substance will be detected in the urine. However, you should be careful not to reveal the kit when collecting the urine. If the lab specialist discovers the kit, it may cause some serious trust issues.

    How can I keep the dry urine powder?

    After use, check to see that the dried urine is secure in the bag. Keep away from sunlight and out of reach of children and pets.

    What type of urinalysis can detect Whizzinator?

    Whizzinator cannot be detected by common urine tests administered to employees and everyday people. However, more advanced urinalysis used to test military personnel may detect fake urine from even the best brands.

    What other products can I use with the Whizzinator?

    The manufacturer has already identified everything needed to make the Whizzinator work perfectly. This is why they launched the Whizzinator kit. The kit contains all you need to pass urine drug tests undetected. You don’t need to buy any other product. For the best results, maximize using a complete Whizzinator kit that matches your skin color. However, if you need extra heating pads, type fake urine with heating pad near me on your search engine.

    Where can I buy the Whizzinator kit?

    The Whizzinator kit is available on Amazon and many other e-commerce sites. However, you can order directly from the manufacturer. You can also type “where to buy Whizzinator near me” on Google to show you a closer retailer to your location.

    Is there a female version of Whizzinator?

    Women can also use a special version of the kit called the Whizzinator for women. The women’s version contains almost all that the main version contains only that the fake penis is replaced by a diaphragm that can fit a woman’s pelvic region.

    Can I reuse my Whizzinator kit?

    Yes! After the first use, rinse the kit and store it in a cool dry place and out of the reach of children.

    How do I clean the Whizzinator kit after use?

    You can simply rinse the different parts with water and allow them to dry before storing them. Alternatively, you can purchase the Whizzinator cleaning solution to wash the kit. The cleaning solution prevents bacterial accumulation. Do not use regular solutions, as they may destroy the kit.

    Will there be consequences if I get caught using Whizzinator touch kit?

    Laws on drug tests differ from state to state. Some states may impose a fine, while others may slam a milder or harsher penalty based on the prevailing laws.

    Customer Reviews

    Below are verified comments from people who have used the Whizzinator touch kit and their experience with the product.

    Positive Reviews

    Whizzinator Positive Review

    Aside from slight issues arising from inexperience in using the product, the Whizzinator touch reviews confirm the positive feedback on the product.

    Whizzinator Satisfied Review

    Nex 420 also claimed, that Whizzinator is helpful

    Lucas shared not just success, but a way how to bring Whizzinator to the lab.


    Negative Review

    Whizzinator Negative Review

    Be smart when choosing where to buy Whizzinator kit to avoid getting damaged products delivered.


    The Whizzinator touch kit is one of the few successful options people use to pass urine drug test. Having a kit handy could save yourself the embarrassment of losing your job or promotion due to a failed urine drug test. Almost 16 years of market dominance and largely positive user reviews indicate that the Whizzinator brand is one you can trust.

    Compared to other brands like The Urinator Synthetic and The Monkey Dong kits, Whizzinator is popular and delivers almost every time.