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How to Cum A Lot More: Increase Semen Volume Guide

    If online polls and forum discussions are anything to go by, then it’s safe to believe most men love the idea of producing and ejaculating more sperm. It’s not surprising that one of the most searched key phrases on sexual health is “how to cum more,” considering the immense pleasure men can experience when they ejaculate. You’d also think that a larger volume of seminal fluid can prolong your pleasure during sex, making you experience more orgasms. So, what do you do if you feel like you’re not producing as much orgasm as you’ll want? Here’s an article that explains everything you should know about how to increase your semen quantity and quality. We’ll also review some actions and products to help you through this journey. Let’s go!

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    Why Do You Need to Cum More – Importance For Men And Fertility

    Sperm plays a crucial role in reproduction – fertilizing the female egg – but it does more, according to a researcher from the University of Adelaide. The primary purpose of ejaculation is to release millions of sperm cells that will jostle to fertilize the egg cell in a woman. This directly means that very little sperm in an ejaculation might reduce the possibility of getting pregnant because fewer candidates are available to fertilize the egg.

    Beyond that, ejaculating more semen can also boost a man’s sexual confidence. It can create a sense of belief that you’re increasing your partner’s sexual pleasure. Unfortunately, several companies prey on these factors to make the wrong claim that they have pills that make you cum a lot. Whether this is true depends on many factors, including a company’s reliability. We’ll see some products that work in the later sections of this guide.

    Some Basic Medical Information and Key Terms

    Pondering sperm and semen and wondering how they differ? This section covers the definition of key terms relating to the topic, “how to cum more.

    • Semen: also called cum or ejaculation, semen is the whitish fluid that comes out of the penis when a male reaches a sexual climax – well, usually, but not always. (There’s also a concept known as dry climax). The semen helps to carry sperm. It acts as a source of energy because of its richness in nutrients. It also acts as a lubricant during sex.
    • Sperm: sperm is a component of semen. It is the male reproductive cell that plays a very vital role in the reproduction process. It contains the X or Y chromosome, which has many roles, including determining a child’s gender. Sperms are produced and stored in the testicles until their maturity stage when they’re ready for use.
    • Semen volume: as its name signifies, this term represents the quantity of semen that a man ejaculates when he reaches sexual climax. It’s important to note that semen volume and consistency may vary from person to person.
    • Sperm count: This term is used to represent the number of sperm in a sample of semen. It may be used to measure fertility rates. However, factors such as shape, motility, quality, and quantity of the sperm may be monitored during a lab test to ascertain how effective the sperm can be for fertility.
    • Sperm density: otherwise known as sperm concentration, sperm density represents the number of spermatozoa present in each volume unit. It is the overall parameter used to judge a person’s fertility. It can also be used to detect sterility. A high sperm density translates to a higher chance of fertility and vice versa.
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    How to Produce More Semen and What Can Help in it

    When men discuss sexual health, one question that always comes up is, “How to produce more cum?” Fortunately, it’s possible to produce bigger loads. You just need a few diet and lifestyle changes here and there, and you’ll be good to go. You can also resort to herbal methods or volume enhancement pills for immediate results. However, remember that the best results are seen when you effectively combine two or more methods. We recommend starting with lifestyle changes before moving on to diet, herbal remedies, and volume pills. That said, here’s a review of some of the most popular methods to increase your sperm volume and ejaculate more.

    1. Maintain a healthy weight

    One of the first lifestyle changes that can help you cum more is to maintain a healthy diet. Some research point to increased body mass index (BMI) as a main factor that can affect sperm counts and sperm movements. So if you’re overweight, a good way to start your sperm increment journey is by hitting the gym for a more balanced weight. Although the science linking body max index with increased sperm production is still weak, it doesn’t cost anything to adjust your exercising routine and weigh less.

    2. Eat healthy foods 

    This one’s a no-brainer – healthy foods = healthy lifestyle = healthy sexual life. If you want to increase your average ejaculate volume, then adjusting what you eat is a good place to begin. Natural fruits and vegetables are the right way to go for starters. The next section of this article will provide more details on foods that can help.

    3. Prevent sexually transmitted infections 

    One common misconception we’ve seen too often is that the impact of STIs on fertility is a female issue – that’s a fat lie. Available studies show that there are so many sexually transmitted infections that can affect male fertility. Some of these STIs affect the male reproductive system by impacting the quality and quantity of sperm. Therefore, if you notice that your sperm production is unusually low and want to increase it, a good place to start is by going for tests and diagnosis. Fortunately, most STIs impacting semen production have a cure, especially when detected early. So we recommend regular testing for every sexually active male.

    4. Manage stress 

    Another important aspect of trying to increase semen production is stress management. Stress can decrease sexual functions and interfere with the hormones responsible for semen production. Therefore, it makes sense to cut down stress by all means possible when you’re looking to boost semen production. Yes, we’ve recommended exercising as a good way to go, but you must also maintain moderation so that you don’t get too burned out and negatively affect sperm production.

    5. Vitamins and supplements

    Although researchers are yet to pinpoint why, they’ve constantly found that blood levels of vitamin D and calcium can positively impact sperm health. There are also a number of pills and supplements from reputable brands that can help. We recommend caution if you’re going this way because there are so many fake supplements out there that can affect your health. We’ll recommend some of the best supplements for you at some point in this article. Keep reading!

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    Foods that increase semen volume

    As stated earlier, certain foods can increase your semen volume. Such foods can also increase seminal fluids, making them convenient for handling two issues simultaneously. In addition to these, such foods will also ensure that you achieve a more balanced diet, resulting in better health and improved testosterone volumes. Here are the top recommended foods that men can have if they want to increase their semen volume, motility, and libido.


    By now, you probably already know that vitamins have so many benefits in the body. However, many people don’t know that the same vitamins can also help improve sexual health. Some of the most important vitamins and foods that are rich in them.

    • Vitamins C and E: avocado, kiwifruit, mangoes, black currants, blackberries, chili pepper, guavas, mustard spinach, etc.
    • Vitamin D: salmon, tuna fish, sardines,  beef liver, swordfish, orange juice fortified with vitamin D, Dairy and plant milk fortified with vitamin D, etc.
    • Folic acid: avocado, spinach, asparagus, leaf vegetable, egg, broccoli, beans, banana, oranges, etc.

    Natural Supplements

    Diversity is key when it comes to finding the best supplements to improve male fertility. The ideal supplement that works well for improving semen value and sperm motility is supplements that have an extensive blend of ingredients. Fortunately, there are so many excellent supplements that are sold as dietary supplements. You just have to find one that suits your body and combine it with the other methods in this article to achieve top results.


    Several studies show herbs to be the best way to naturally boost sexual performance. But beyond boosting sexual performance, herbs can also be the hack you need when you’re wondering how to increase cum load size. However, it’s important to balance the correct amounts of each herb since it takes only the correct combination to boost testosterone levels. Of course, improved testosterone helps for better motility and higher-quality sperm.

    The only con of using herbs to increase cum load size is the potential allergy effects that some herbs may come with. Therefore, it’s always important to consult a herbalist or medical professional to run tests to know how compatible certain herbs are with your system before trying them. Some herbs may also take as long as three months of consistent consumption to achieve visible results.

    Some herbs that can effectively improve semen production include maca root, ginseng, xi lam rou gi, dong Chong xia cao, solid line, fenugreek, Tribulus Terrestris, etc.


    If you’re an ardent follower of sex health forums, questions like “How much zinc to increase sperm volume?” will sound strange to you. Asking such questions means you’re already on the right track because zinc consumption directly correlates to a positive increase in semen production, sperm motility, testosterone levels, seminal fluid production, and overall sexual health.

    Some foods containing zinc include meat, milk products, whole grains, and shellfish. These foods are popular in most cultures and countries, meaning you’ve probably been consuming zinc without knowing. However, we also advise against consuming large amounts of zinc in a bid to increase sperm volumes because excessive zinc can also damage some of the stomach’s lining.

    Some Pills That Can Help to Increase Cum

    Another option to try for testosterone level improvement and semen production is fertility drugs. Most of these drugs double as sperm boosters and instant erection pills, making them a complete package for sexual health. However, it’s important to note that there’s still limited research on how these fertility treatments may affect men. Moreover, not many options are available for this purpose, and you must ensure that you’re buying from a reputable brand. Here are reviews of top pills that can help.


    Although marketed as a male wellness product, this pill from Leading Edge Health specifically targets semen production. The product is formulated with a proprietary blend of natural amino acids and effective herbal concentrates from China, South America, and Europe. Some of the main ingredients contained in the product include zinc, maca, Swedish pollen flower, Catuaba bark, Vitamin E, pumpkin seed, L-arginine HCL, L-carnitine, etc.

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    Semenax formula works by stimulating the bulbourethral gland’s semen-producing functions, therefore increasing semen production. The company also guarantees that the pill will lead to stronger and more frequent orgasms while driving high pleasure.
    The price of Semenax varies depending on different factors. However, a one-month supply will typically start at $59.96.


    • It may improve ejaculation
    • Most users report that they do not experience any side effects
    • All natural ingredients


    • Quite expensive
    • Not recommended for people under 18.

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    This user is happy because Semenax slightly increased his sperm volume and made his load thicker.

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    The user is satisfied with the better delivery amount and better orgasms he’s experienced since using this product.

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    This user is happy that the product’s effects are seen in a short time.

    Volume Pills

    Volume Pills is an all-natural, polyherbal supplement formulated to maximize semen volume. The formula contains nutrients, vitamins, plant extracts, and amino acids and will improve semen volume and overall sexual health. The pill does not contain any hormones, steroids, or chemical additives. Some of its advertised benefits include:

    • Increased ejaculate volume
    • Heightened sexual pleasure
    • Orgasm lengthening
    • Maximum sexual stamina
    • Enhanced confidence
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    Thanks to its botanical blend, this pill serves a specific niche of men who want to avoid prescription drugs and nutritional supplements that contain too many chemicals. Its additional money-back guarantee means that you’ll be issued a prompt, hassle-free refund if the product fails to work for you.

    Price starts from $51.97 and may vary depending on location and other factors.


    • It is an all-round sex health improvement pill
    • Made from all-natural ingredients
    • It makes for stronger and longer-lasting erections
    • Doesn’t contain any chemical additives.


    • Herbs content may cause allergic reactions in some people
    • The pill causes a sudden increase in semen volume which may directly harm the urethra.

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    This user is impressed by how well it worked.

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    The user liked how this product worked differently from other ineffective products he’s used.

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    Although skeptical at first, this user soon liked how this pill works.

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    This user is happy that the pill changed his sex life for good.


    Semenoll is a male fertility supplement designed to boost semen production and enhance overall sex performance. The product, which comprises natural ingredients, is praised for delivering a triple action effect called Semenoll Effect. Its sperm-boosting ingredients work by increasing semen volume and quality. It also uses antioxidants to protect the semen while increasing blood flow to the penis. Some of its sperm-boosting ingredients include pumpkin seed, zinc, and maca roots. These natural ingredients can help to protect the sperm cells from oxidative damage, which can harm sperm quality.

    The brand also claims that the pill has no harmful artificial ingredients, so it won’t have any side effects. Moreover, it has a money-back guarantee that gives you peace of mind. The price of Semenoll sperm booster starts at $59.95.

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    • An all-round effective pill for improving sexual health and pleasure
    • Made from all-natural ingredients
    • No side effects


    • Low ingredient amounts may reduce the efficacy of the product.

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    This user is happy because of the dramatic improvement in his sex life

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    The user is happy because Semenoll helped him and his wife conceive.

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    Despite his medical history, Semenoll still helped this person and his wife conceive.

    Health Advice for Men

    Let’s face the fact – nothing beats living a healthy life when you want to improve any aspect of your sexual life. You can achieve only so much through healthy diets, herbs, instant erection pills, etc. You also need to put your body in a position to provide the natural support these products need to function. Some basic health advice includes

    • Don’t smoke: chronic cigarette smokers are likelier to have low sperm counts.
    • Limit alcohol: most alcohol contains ingredients that can negatively affect testosterone production when taken too much. Apply moderation whenever you want to drink alcohol.
    • Drug abuse: this one is a no-brainer, considering how harmful most drugs can be to different systems in the body.
    • Prolonged sitting: sitting in one place for too long can reduce testosterone production since the hormones responsible for its production are not fully utilized.
    • Daily exercises: it goes without saying that an average level of exercise daily can improve the different systems in the body, including overall sex health.
    • Sleeping: to a large extent, prioritizing adequate rest and sleep can help reduce stress while improving testosterone production and increasing semen volume.
    • Diet: as you’ve seen above, many foods that increase seminal fluids. However, you must be careful with most of these foods. Ensure to balance them with other food classes to avoid deficiency in other areas.
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    Now that we’ve provided detailed explanations on how to cum more, you’re probably geared up to begin your journey. However, note that you may not see results immediately while doing this, especially when using natural methods. It takes consistency and correct application to begin to see gradual results. If you are looking for how to produce more sperm in 24 hours, we recommend using sperm booster pills. Just ensure you’re buying from a reputable brand and follow all instructions.

    Intact Group recommends not forgetting to get personalized advice from a medical professional if you’re experiencing an extreme level of semen shortage. And if you decide to take any related medicine, follow the instructions carefully.