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Advancing Knowledge on Psycho-Sexual Effects of FGM/C: Assessing The Evidence



    Call for Papers

    June 8, 2004

    Advancing Knowledge on Psycho-Sexual Effects of FGM/C:

    Assessing the Evidence

    October 10-12, 2004

    Alexandria, Egypt

    A seminar organized by INTACT — International Network to Analyze,

    Communicate and Transform the Campaign Against Female Genital Cutting,

    Female Genital Mutilation, Female Circumcision (FGC/FGM/FC), housed

    at the Population Council, Egypt.

    We are pleased to announce INTACT Network’s upcoming research

    seminar, assessing current research on the relationships between

    female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) and male and female sexuality.

    The INTACT Network is an international network of scholars, program

    planners and academics of

    interdisciplinary backgrounds, assessing scientific-based evidence

    of the harmful effects of FGM/C. Our mission is to contribute to

    the abandonment of FGM/C by advancing social, behavioral, and epidemiological

    research on the practice, by promoting research on the impact of

    interventions to reduce prevalence; and by facilitating the utilization

    of research findings to guide the development of policies and programs.

    To learn more about our objectives, activities and founding members,

    please visit

    The upcoming research seminar invites papers encompassing but not

    limited to the following topics:

    • Social stigma, psychological trauma, sexual misinformation/lack

      of information, as intervening variables between FGM/C and sexual

      experience in men and women

    • Body-image,

      arousal, and satisfaction as socially constructed categories

    • Research

      gaps, methodological and ethical issues of research

    • Application

      of research findings to improve counseling and services for women

      and men affected by FGM/C

    We have limited funds to cover the travel and accommodation costs

    for accepted paper authors.

    Deadline for Receiving Abstracts

    Abstracts of one page or less should be submitted to INTACT via

    email or fax by June 30, 2004

    Accepted papers will be confirmed to authors by July 15, 2004

    Completed draft papers are due on September 10, 2004

    For more information, please contact

    Ms. Mona Bur, INTACT Program Assistant, [email protected]

    Dr. Naglaa Nahal, Seminar Coordinator, [email protected]

    Dr. Barbara Ibrahim, Program Committee, [email protected]